Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hull hills

Wednesday and a busy schedule ahead of me.

The sun is out shining today but I took a couple of pictures on a rainy day last week.  I was driving down the country road and the "golden hill" popped out at me.  This is a pile of rice hulls that the farmer has blown out his barn window.  The dampness of the day makes the harvest color stronger.  Usually I'll go by the farm barns barely noticing these little hills but this day I made a U-turn (twice) and went back to take the picture.  There is a fairly traditional farmhouse there too.

And while my mind was on these rice hills I came across two more in the fields.  I guess the farmer decided his rice had too many hulls for his barn and he just dumped them out in the field again.  Oh well, they make for good mulch.

On another day I found a golden carpet spread over a chestnut orchard...  This farmer had spread his rice hulls all over the orchard maybe hoping for a good crop of chestnuts next year.

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