Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kindergarten bazaar

Yesterday was the kindergarten bazaar day.  The weather held and everyone had a good time.

Mrs. Furui and I spent most of the morning sewing felt balls to cording.  This is always a favorite booth at the bazaar.

The children (even as young as three years old!) roll clumps of wool in warm water with detergent and eventually get a ball made (sort of like what happens when you've washed your favorite wool sweater in hot water....  It turns to felt!)  The children got their choice of making a necklace or a hair accessory.

Between helping the children, I had to have a go myself.  I got fancy and added a felt leaf...


There was a small tea room where "homecoming" mothers and kids could relax and chat.

There were noodle booths and used children's clothing booths and a used bookstore booth.

And of course, there was the raffle booth!

The mothers made a pretty Nine Patch quilt and also a lovely Irish Chain quilt.  They really put a lot of work into the Irish Chain quilting (and I heard that most of the mothers had never done patchwork before!)

And, Ta-Da!  Our "Crazy Lady Quilters" quilt (that's what our group calls ourselves....  The Crazy Ladies).  It made a very nice showing and I heard that about 650 raffle tickets were sold.  That makes a nice donation to the kindergarten!

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