Saturday, October 20, 2012

No where near finished!

Yesterday I temporarily took my Starr Fire quilt off the machine to do something else.  I'm no where near finished with the Starr Fire but having it on the machine meant that I wasn't doing any other sewing...  And I like a little variety.

"Am I going to keep on quilting this?  But it will take me at least another month and I really would like to finish some other things..."

It is times like this when I'd like to have another sewing machine.  Of course, then I'd need another ROOM to use another sewing machine...

So off came the Starr Fire and I changed from a free motion foot to a regular seam foot and spent the day sewing strips to my embroidery blocks.

Yes!  I finished embroidering all the blocks for Jenny's Promises and Borders BOM quilt!  It has been  long  10 months but all the blocks got stitched and needed to be put together before I lost them in some drawer.  I had chosen fabrics this summer while I was in the States going for pink and blue rather than the suggested red and blue.

Hmmm.  Makes for a bit of a baby quilt look...  Ah well, this is the way it is going to look.  Right now those blocks are just laying on the background.  That will be another day of sewing to do before I get back to the Starr Fire.

It feels good to be nearing a finish.  Oh wait.  I'm going to have to quilt this too!  I'm no where NEAR finished with this either!

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