Friday, October 26, 2012

October Patchwork day

I had a sewing/patchwork day yesterday at Mrs. Furui's but didn't take many pictures myself...  Photos today are from Mrs. Ochiai.  She really does a nice job with her camera, doesn't she?

Our bazaar quilt is finished and the label is on.  Mrs. Furui will hand it over to the kindergarten mothers today and it will be hung in the raffle booth tomorrow.  I'll take a picture of it tomorrow.  A group of kindergarten mothers has been making a quilt too so we shall see which quilt gets the honor of going to the first prize winner.  I haven't seen the mothers' quilt yet.

Here is my finished flimsy of Promises and Borders.  It has yet to be quilted and looks pretty wrinkly here but it is lovely.

Oh gosh!  I'm not pleased with this picture but I guess this is the way I look when I'm hand quilting.  Yuck.  The quilt I was working on is the Star Within a Star quilt, the stars made by my friends for me last year when we played the block game.

And here is Mrs. Yamaguchi appliqueing circles to her blocks.  This was also part of our game and she has a few more circles to finish before she can put it all together.

 Trying to decide block placement.... 

I like it on point!

And Mrs. Takagishi brought her many small stars for layout consideration too.  You can see we all chose very different blocks for our game.  

This is laid out on the back of one of Mrs. Furui's quilts so that Mrs. Takagishi can get an idea of how the finished quilt might look.

Mrs. Furui was busy making corners for her quilt border... Nothing to show.  Mrs. Ochiai has been done with her quilt for months and therefore she could sit back and drink tea and give suggestions and take pictures!

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