Sunday, October 21, 2012

Plastic bottles

Our city is fairly strict about recycling.  We have Regular Trash Day, Plastic bottles, Glass and Can Day, Newspaper and Paper Day, and "Dangerous" Trash Day (for broken things, small appliances and batteries etc.)  Plastic bottles are supposed to be washed and placed in bins and the city collects them for recycling.

But people find ways of recycling plastic bottles themselves.  Often times I will see gardens with pretty little pinwheels stuck here and there.

Someone has made a science of cutting up plastic bottles in different ways and then painting them and sticking them on a pole.  They make interesting yard decorations but they serve a larger purpose of supposedly keeping the garden free from moles.

The scientific explanation is that the pinwheels transmit a jiggling movement down the pole to the ground when the wind blows.  The moles don't like their dirt being jiggled and go seek other places to make their tunnels.  Do you think that would really work?

Another way to use plastic bottles in the yard is... put them in the yard.  As is.  Well, filled with water.  These make less attractive garden decorations than the colorful pinwheels, but plastic bottles can often be seen in peoples' yards in Japan.  WHY?  Supposedly the water will reflect sunlight and scare stray cats away!  Hah!  I don't think this is too scientific either...  For one, do cats really get scared away by reflecting light?  Mine don't.  And for another, most stray cats I know make their territory rounds at night when light wouldn't be reflected anyway.  But still, Japanese homeowners believe they can protect their gardens from cats with the help of plastic bottles.  I'd rather have the cats than litter my yard with plastic bottles.

Any other great uses for plastic bottles that you can think of?

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