Monday, October 29, 2012

Through the Windows

Tetsu took me off on a mystery drive to a patchwork exhibition a couple of hours away.  He had read in the newspaper that there was a small quilt showing and decided to take me there as a surprise.

Now... Where are we?  It sure is a big building.

Unfortunately no photography was allowed in the exhibition.  But no one said anything about OUTSIDE the exhibition!  So I cheated and took pictures through the windows!

I don't know about you, but I so much more enjoy art exhibitions when I'm allowed to take pictures.  I think it is the process of looking at all the (in this case) quilts, and then going back and choosing which one might photograph well, or which one might be unusual to blog readers, or which one I'd like to try making myself (in the case of quilts).  And then looking at the art from a distance, and then trying to take a close up shot... and later sharing why I chose to take a picture of this particular quilt when there were so many other beauties...

But I couldn't do that this weekend, and so I'm sharing what was visible through the very large windows.

Believe me, there were some GORGEOUS quilts!  Very Japanese in the way that Yoko Saito uses taupe and beige.  And the eentsy-weentsy pieces that were all completely hand pieced!  And the fraction of a fraction narrowness of the hand quilting!  It makes the viewer wonder if these quilters have a life outside of quilting!  Such masterpieces, and so many seemed to be made by the same three or four expert quilters.  (Of course there were a few duplicate works probably made by students.)

So here is a quilt show "Through the Windows".

Such soft neutral colors.

The piecing was amazing on this one.

Many elegant looking ladies appreciating the fine work.

And here is Tetsu thinking, "What is all the excitement about cutting up fabric and sewing it all back together again?"

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