Thursday, October 11, 2012

To post or not to post...

Am I going to post today or not...?  Hmmm..  That is the question...

Last weekend, Tetsu and I went downtown.  We wandered around the main street for awhile looking for a place to enjoy a coffee or ice cream (we opted for ice cream).  We found an ice cream stand and then took our ice creams to a nearby stage area near the town square.  Some group of young girls were singing and dancing on stage and there were quite a few people listening and enjoying the music.  I looked around us and noticed a few booths selling things like drinks and pop corn, hand made crafts and... gulp... cond-ms.


A closer look (from afar) and I noticed a giant cond-m object next to the booth.  I nudged Tetsu.

"Look over there.  Is that what I think it is?"

Actually it really wasn't as out of place as I thought.  The program this day in the town square was STOP AIDS sponsored by the Rotary Club.  And a very reserved looking lady was manning the cond-m booth while a few proper looking gentlemen sat around and chatted.  Tetsu laughed and dared me to take a picture... So I did.

"It doesn't look like the booth is getting much action does it?"

But a few minutes later we watched as a older man spent a lot of time looking at the box labels and asking for information.  The reserved looking lady politely sold her wares...

The next day, I was telling my friend (my age) about my find at the town square and she remarked that she and her husband had passed the same place earlier in the day...  And the Rotary people were PASSING OUT cond-ms!

"...But no one offered us any..."

(I'm sorry... I'm being really crass... Will you look at the name of the tent in the blue corner...  Someone might have used a tent with a different name...)

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