Monday, November 19, 2012

A walk with Choco

Choco and I went for a LONG walk, over different hills and forests.  We practically got lost!!

"Come on, Mom.  Let's get going.  I know it's a nice day but stop taking pictures!"

The wind was blowing and pushing the pampas grass practically horizontal.

Hmm.  The pampas glass was glittering in the sunlight but I wasn't able to catch the glitter.

 "There are lots of good smells to explore."

I caught the back-light in an odd way didn't I.  I wonder if this is a successful picture or a flub...

"Ooh..Choco!  You look nice against the mossy rocks." 

Okay... That's another use for the rice drying pole...

"Mom!  Don't leave me here alone~!" 

Choco and I came back an hour and a half later... very tired!!!

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