Friday, November 30, 2012

Lined up

This post is about lines.  Or lined up.

We have been blessed this week with fruit!!!  Someone gave us kiwi.  And someone gave us apples.  And someone gave us persimmons.  And someone gave us a giant pear.  We could start a fruit store.

A sparkling bowl of persimmons!

What in the world is this?  I took this picture when I was trying to find man-made symmetry but it works for a "lines" post too.  This is a bamboo pole that has been readied for carrying to the shrine.  It was at the preschool and the children were going to drag the pole to the top of the hill and offer it at the shrine.  I thought it interesting how the rope was tied...

At the other end (this is a LONG~~~ pole!) was a fluffy bunch of wood shavings.  Don't ask me what this all means but the festival is a lively one. 

Tetsu and I love the taiyaki which are waffles of a sort with different fillings in them.  These were vegetable filled.  Tetsu likes the sweet bean past taiyaki the best.

How about a line up of cars?  Because the leaves are all in full autumn colors, the Nikko city and mountain is flocked by tourists.  Going one direction is easy... it is coming back home that takes a bit of time!

Vel is not a good representation of lined up? He's sleeping on striped slippers...

And he is also in a line-up of cats.  Three of the cats are keeping their bottoms warm on the heated carpet... all four of them (Chip is on the sofa) are trying to get as close to the kerosene stove as possible!

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