Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at the convalescent home

Although Japanese don't celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and family get-togethers, yesterday was also "Thanksgiving Day" in Japan.  It is actually a "thank-the-laborers-day" but it is a holiday and gives everyone a three day weekend.

However, Tetsu had to go to the convalescent home in the morning to help with a small bazaar and resident festival.  He asked me to attend, be supportive and buy some little things.

There was a special booth of bead work which was done by some of the staff of a mentally challenged group home that is associated with the convalescent home.

These are not cherries... These are a pair of Japanese geta... wooden sandals.

The residents were participating in ring toss games...

Eating noodles and crackers...

And were enjoying buying little things for under a dollar.  I picked up a box of detergent, a toilet cover and an apron.

An apron!  A pretty little feminine thing that I would never wear and the tag said it was made of Liberty fabric.  I checked and it sure looked like a Liberty print and it was 100% cotton... still in a fancy brand name department store box.... and being sold for a whole 25 cents.

"I'm not going to wear this... but I might get some good patches from it if I cut it up."

I happily bought the apron.  And then went directly to Mrs. Furui's to return some books I'd borrowed.

"Come in, come in!  I'll make tea." said Mrs. Furui taking off her apron.

Apron?  Mrs. Furui wears an apron!  I went back out to the car and brought in the apron box.

"Mrs. Furui, I have a very EXPENSIVE gift for you.  From so-and-so Department store!"

"Oh my!  It is too pretty to wear.  And a Liberty print!"

"And a whole 25 cents so if you don't want to wear it you can cut it up for patchwork."

Mrs. Furui will probably wear the apron for awhile.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.  I'll try to get one before the apron turns into patchwork pieces.

And these little paper ornaments of Japanese boat rowers were made by one of the over 80 residents at the convalescent home.  Cute!!

The table was overflowing with paper boaters!

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