Thursday, November 08, 2012

Woven baskets

This week I went to my friend's house for a delicious lunch and a chance to see her collection of woven bamboo baskets from a well know bamboo artist.

The baskets were just beautiful!  (And probably very dear.)

Baskets such as these are most often used to hold Japanese sweets or rice crackers, I can't imagine trying to use one for any of the snacks that I serve!

Some of the receptacles had an inner bamboo cup so that flowers might be arranged.

A superb collection and though my friend had brought out all her baskets at one time to show us, I can imagine just one artistically arranged on her low lacquer table.

And what are all my friends doing?  
They are taking pictures of Eiko-san in her lovely kimono-made dress.  Eiko-san said she had had her mother's kimono made into a dress many years ago but couldn't find anyplace to wear it.  Well, our elegant lunch and basket exhibition was just the occasion! 

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