Sunday, December 09, 2012

A belated Thanksgiving dinner!

"Family" pictures today!  Especially for extended members of the family!

When Takumi was 3 or 4 years old we became friends with the Yamadas.  We have a lot in common...  The husbands both do (did) judo.  They both work in welfare services.  All the children are about the same age.  Marlene and I are both from the States.  (Marlene from New York.  Me from California.)  And Marlene and I have both lived in Japan for over 30 years.

The Yamada's introduced us to the Sugas and we have a lot in common with them too.  Children the same age and both our extended families in the Los Angeles area.  In years past the Suga family and our family would all fly to and from California together in the summers!

And all three families are Christian.  And these days all three families have children living outside of Japan.  (The Yamadas have a daughter in Singapore and a son in New York and another in Tokyo, the Sugas have two children in Japan and one in Canada, and you know us with both children in the States.)

For more years than I can count, our families would get together for Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes inviting neighbors or church friends.  The Yamada's house would overflow with people and food!  Marlene always did the turkey roasting (in those days it was very hard to get a turkey!) and Keiko (Mrs. Suga) and I would handle the side dishes.

But the Yamadas have been living in Hong Kong for the past three years.  No children around for any of us anymore and though we get together with the Sugas occasionally (they visited my mother while I was in the States this summer) we haven't had a Thanksgiving dinner in three years.  BUT...

The Yamadas were making a quickie trip to Japan for four days, staying one night at the Sugas and so we made it into a late Thanksgiving!  Keiko did the honors of roasting a turkey (for the first time!) and we all ate and laughed and chatted until past midnight!  An absolutely WONDERFUL evening!!!

So these are our 'family' Thanksgiving pictures.  Hopefully all our children spread out over the world will log on and reminisce.

Tetsu and Marlene supervising the reheating process.

This is a tradition too.  Kohei making the Thanksgiving gravy.

Let's see.  I brought the salad and some persimmon bread (Marlene's recipe.)

Wine!  No children around so no sodas last night.

"Cheers!"  (I was busy taking the picture.)

Come on, Toshi.  As head of the house you have to carve the turkey?  "Is that similar to carving a pumpkin?"  He looks a bit unsure of himself doesn't he...

There you go!

Yum.  Turkey, stuffing, gravy, salads, au gratin potatoes, persimmon bread, french bread, broccoli and cranberry sauce.  Keiko's homemade pumpkin pie for dessert!  Can't get much more all-American than that!

Whoops.  We've mixed up the couples in this picture but we're all here!  Hi kids!  We miss you all!

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