Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas card!

Our first Christmas card arrived yesterday!  From June!  And such a cute one too!  Kitties and bears!  June's card will be the first card to go up in our entryway.  I wonder if there will be more...  Year by year, with e-mail, fewer and fewer Christmas cards seem to be sent...  And in Japan, we send out New Year's cards, so nobody gets a Christmas card from me either.   (And I really need to spend some time working on our New Year's cards...  Maybe this week?)

And also from June was a fun fat quarter of kitty fabric!  Thank you June! June has sent me so many wonderful fabrics in the past.  I made a fantastic I SPY Kitty Quilt for my mother a couple of years ago, and all the kitty fabric was sent to me by June!  Let's see...  shall I start working on another kitty quilt?  I still have quite a lot of the fabric left...

I have barely finished knitting Tetsu's vest and I've bought more yarn and started CROCHETING!  The other day I admired a vest that some acquaintance at the pool was wearing and she offered to GIVE it to me!  Oh my... I don't really know her that well... I declined her kind offer but said I'd be interested in the pattern if she had it and a couple of days later she brought me the pattern.  She seemed so eager to help me out that I bought yarn and have decided I'll crochet up the vest, maybe for my mother-in-law...  My mother-in-law has her likes and dislikes and this may not fit her fancy so...  if not, I'll have another vest!  (And I'm already in line for the purple vest if it doesn't suit Tetsu's fancy too!)

It is cozier to knit in a warm room than to go upstairs to a freezing sewing room and quilt...  Even with the small electric heater the sewing room is never really warm...Well, I promised Patora and Toi that I'd come and quilt with them that's where I'm headed next.

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