Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I finished up Tetsu's Christmas vest last night.  It was sort of hit and miss at the end (I didn't know what I was doing with that collar but it seems to have come together.)  We won't know until Christmas whether this really fits Tetsu or not...

I'm showing this vest now just because I haven't any other handwork that has made obvious progress to show...  And Tetsu has seen me working on this every night so it is no secret.  In fact he looked at it one evening and said,

"Is that for me?  It's purple."

It's true that I've never seen Tetsu wear purple...  Does that mean I may have made myself a purple vest?

The yarn (given to me by my friend, Mrs. Kaneko) is just beautiful and despite Tetsu's hesitancy to be adventurous and wear purple, the colors in it are striking and lovely.  Who knows, it may become his favorite vest!  

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