Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heated carpets

I thought I'd explain why all those cat pictures yesterday were taken of cats spread out under the table on the carpet.  It is because they have got a nice warm electric carpet to nap on!

Do we have these carpets in other parts of the world?  As a Southern Californian I wouldn't know... I'd never seen one... I have had smaller heated mats for my kitchen sink area... and another for under my dining room table (when you see friends putting on extra socks when they come to visit you, you know your house has got a cold floor problem.)  This year I was shopping for a large heated carpet (they are quite popular in Japan) for our living room and Tetsu's mother said she wasn't going to use hers any more (too large for her little apartment?) and we brought it home.

A heated carpet is really just a thick electric mat... not particularly attractive.  So I went off shopping again and bought the goldish color carpet cover...  And I also bought a Styrofoam heat reflective mat to lay UNDER the heated carpet, hopefully keeping the heat from escaping through the floor.

The carpet has a heat regulator and also can be heated in panels...  A bit of an electricity saver.  And there is a timer so if I forget to turn it off (and I do regularly) it will automatically turn itself off.

The cats of course could care less about all the technology.

"WARMTH!!!  Let's wiggle into the heated carpet as closely as possible!  This is heavenly!"  (Tetsu likes to join the cats on the floor too when he's watching TV,)

And for the upstairs cats I have smaller heated mat for them too.

Our electricity bill is sky high in the winter...  The things I'll do for my cats!

What I'd really like is to have some construction work done and install heated FLOORS!  Don't you think my cats would like that?!

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