Friday, December 28, 2012

Keeping in touch

Tetsu's been complaining recently that we haven't heard from Takumi in quite awhile.  I've hinted in e-mails but no response... 

"Hmph.  These children who don't keep in touch!"

Come to think of it, I haven't called my own mother in quite a few months either.  I rationalize.  She forgets that I've called within minutes.  I can't get any information out of her anyway.  But really...  If I want my son to touch base sometimes then I really should do the same for my own mother.

I waited until late afternoon to call.

"Let's see...  If it's 4:00 here... then it is 11:00 there...  Is that AM or PM?  AM I think."

First I called my brother's house.  No answer.  I left a message on the answering machine.  Then I called my mother and she picked up right away.

"Hello!  Hello!  Isn't this a nice surprise!  Are you back in Japan?"

(What's that "back" mean?  Does she think I just flew home from the States?)

We chatted for about 20 minutes and Grandma (my mother) sounded just great.  Very chipper, very happy.

"I'm pretty healthy you know.  Actually REALLY healthy!  And I've still got my head.  I'd hate to be without my head!"

I asked whether anyone had heard from Takumi recently.  Had he visited at Christmas?

"Hmm.  I don't think so.  I don't remember seeing him."

Ah well.  Probably not.  The conversation went back around the second time.

"I'm pretty healthy you know.  Actually REALLY healthy!  And I've still got my head."

My mother celebrates her 91st birthday tomorrow.  I wished her a happy birthday and asked her to say hi to the family.

"No one was home when I called their house."

"Well, I should think they are home.  It is pitch black outside."

It is?  Oops.  I've called at 11:00 PM not 11:00 AM.  It's been so long since I called that I don't even remember the time difference anymore!  Maybe I'm the one who doesn't have her head!

This morning we finally got an e-mail from Takumi.  He said he had visited the family at Christmas and seen Grandma looking happy and healthy.  Hmmm.  Grandma didn't remember that...

We've all got to hang onto our heads!

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