Monday, December 17, 2012

Lazing about

Good morning.

I'm lazing around the house.  AND I DON'T REALLY HAVE TIME TO!

A bug has brought me down.  I think it is bug... It might be my quilting.  Is that possible?  I spent quite a long time up in the sewing room on Thursday machine quilting. And I was so intensely involved that I didn't have any heat on in the freezing room.  And nearly three hours later I had a neck ache.

Now I rarely get stiff shoulders though people ask me often if with all my quilting and knitting and blogging I might not suffer from back aches etc.  Nope.  Not me!

BUT... on Thursday... Yes... I have stiff shoulders... or a neck ache...  I went to the pool hoping to work the kinks out.

By Friday I was worse!  But I absolutely HAD to get to the kindergarten Christmas rehearsal practice so I wrapped my neck up tightly and went and did my part.  The kindergarten teachers were horrified that I might be feeling low at the Christmas program!  Four years ago I missed it entirely because of the flu and they STILL remind me of that year.  I hurried home after the rehearsal and went to bed.

But by evening, I was feeling sick to my stomach and Tetsu found me leaning over the bathroom throne.  He dragged me to Urgent care where the diagnosis was...  Maybe a virus?  Maybe the flu?  Maybe a cold in the neck from the icy window over our bed?  Maybe the result of injury to the neck?  I came home with lots of medicine and went back to bed.

Saturday I was better and I DID make it to the Christmas program (wearing one of the dreaded surgical masks I've pooh-poohed about so much.  I had to buy a mask at the hospital door the night before just to be allowed  IN the hospital!)  But it was back to bed afterwards, and I skipped church yesterday too.

I'm now better but not great.  And I don't know if I'm under the weather now because of a virus, the flu, a cold in the neck, neck injury or maybe because the medicine is too strong.  Sigh.  How we take for granted our health when things are going along fine.  I guess I'll make another jaunt to the neighborhood doctor and get his opinion.

(I'm hoping it is a virus.  Heaven forbid my quilting has anything to do with this!!!)

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