Saturday, December 01, 2012

Misc. post

A miscellaneous post today.

Some of my blogger friends have asked how Y-kun's grandfather is doing.  Last week Y-kun was sick and didn't come to English but he came and helped me cook dinner before English this past Thursday.  Y-kun said his grandfather has been moved to another room and his grandmother is trying to find a convalescent hospital closer to home.  And recently there seems to be response from him when they talk to him...  Things like, if he's asked to squeeze their hands if he can hear, he will.  So, he has come a long way as the family had originally been told he would never regain consciousness.  But he is still battling fevers and convulsions so all is not good.  I have Y-kun's grandfather on my prayer list.

Bunnies were born at the kindergarten last month.

"Hey, I thought the male and female rabbits were in separate cages..."

"Yes," the kindergarten teacher sighed,  "And I took them home for the weekend and let them out together in the yard and asked my husband to watch them.  He did.  He JUST watched them.  He said it was very interesting."

The other day when I was at Mrs. Furui's she was busy sewing on binding to these star pot holders.  But these are not really pot holders, they are Christmas decorations.  LAST YEAR, Mrs. Furui had taught some volunteers at the hospital how to make these pot holders and they made nearly 30 and hung them on the hospital wall last Christmas in a Christmas tree arrangement.  Very striking!

"Oh good.  We'll just keep these all around until next year and we can use them again to decorate the hospital wall."

But this year came around and they wondered where their Christmas pot holders had gone.

"Um... Sorry.  I think they got sold at the last bazaar we had.  They were very popular."

So Mrs. Furui and her volunteer group are making another set for this year.  The volunteers made the stars, Mrs. Furui was sewing on the binding and handing them back to have the binding sewn down.  The whole lot will be up on the hospital wall again in a couple of weeks.  I hope (Mrs. Furui hopes) that this year's pot holders get put away safely so that they can be reused NEXT year.

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