Monday, December 03, 2012

One at a time

It was snowing this weekend! 

When I took this picture out our bedroom window, the snow was just beginning to fall and such a surprise!  The first snow of the winter!  Usually we don't get snow until after Christmas.  Tetsu hurried home (he was working on Saturday) to change our tires for me but by afternoon most of the snow had melted.  This morning we woke up to MORE snow!  Again, not a lot, but enough to make me cautious on the road to the school this morning.

A year ago I started a one man campaign to clean the guard rails coming up to the school.  You know... the rails along the roads that are white but with years of traffic turn slowly grey and brown and green.  Somewhere I got the idea that it would be nice to have white guard rails again but there is no water out there on the road and I'm not going to spend days and days with bucket and scrub brush washing the things down.  BUT...  What about one or two rails wiped down on rainy days?  God will provide the water and I will provide the man power.  I'm already out there waiting for the children to come.  In five or ten minutes waiting time I figured I could wipe down a rail or two and over time...

Well, it has taken a year with time off during hot dry days and freezing winter days.  This autumn I was even able to expand my territory a bit, but that meant I was moving farther away from the crosswalk and could only get one rail done before I spotted the children and had to race back to the crosswalk.

With freezing weather upon us, my white guard rail campaign has been called to a halt.  The rags freeze to the rails!  But my crosswalk territory looks white...

I'm the only one who notices... 

The view from the guard rails.

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