Friday, December 21, 2012

Patchwork game results!

Patchwork day exhibition!

Our patchwork group had its last patchwork meeting of the year and we all made it!  Lots of chatting and eating and some sewing.

"Okay ladies!  Time to show your patchwork game project results!  Go get your stuff out of your bags!"

A couple ladies groaned.

"I'm going home!  Count me out."  (this was from Mrs. Furui.  And we were at HER house."

Hmm.  It seems that some people didn't find time to work on their projects.

This summer I had bought a couple of yards of cute snowman fabric (it glitters!)  I specifically chose the snowmen over Santa Claus because I foresaw that some ladies might not finish by Christmas... With snowmen they have at least until the end of February...  The fabric was cut into fat quarter size and the instructions were to make SOMETHING with it.  ANYTHING.   The deadline to aim for was this December meeting...

"You are part of the group.  Show us what you've DONE."

Our LCM has admired the fabric for a couple of months...  She didn't want to show her face (check earlier blog posts for what she looks like.)

"Oh well, you have provided a good opportunity for me to take a picture of the original fabric size.

Mrs. Furui was another one trying to hide behind her fabric.

"That's all I got done...  It's going to be a baby quilt for my grandchild."

Seeing as none of her sons are thinking of getting married yet, Mrs. Furui may have chosen a good project.  She probably has a couple of years to work on this...

Mrs. Yamaguchi made a towel and was doing the final quilting on a luncheon mat.  ALMOST finished.  (Isn't Mrs. Yamaguchi pretty?)

 Mrs. Okutomi was very gung-ho about this game... because.... she'd made the snowman tapestry LAST year!  So for our game she made the 3-dimensional Christmas tree!  She'd kept the fabrics and buttons and things from her last year's project and tied it all together THIS year.  Great idea!!

(Hmmph.  Mrs. Ochiai asked me to remove her close-up from my blog... So for those who saw her... now she's not here anymore!)

Mrs. Ochiai made a scenery quilt.  Actually she started working on hexagons and got way laid and as a quickie quilt she put this pretty scene together.  Better than that, LAST year Mrs. Ochiai had made the same scene in summer colors and so she just made the tapestry again in winter colors with the snowman border.  Another wonderful idea!

Mrs. Harada did the most work of any of us.  She made a crib size quilt for her soon-to-be-born grandchild.  (She looks too young to be a grandmother.  She IS too young to be a grandmother!)  Mrs. Harada's quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted.  Can you make out all the circles that she quilted on the grid?  The quilting really makes the quilt!

And me?  I made a Christmas tree tapestry.  Let's see... needle turned applique, machine quilted. 

Well, that was sure fun!  (My thoughts.  I'm not sure our LCM and Mrs. Furui would agree.)

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