Sunday, December 23, 2012

What is this?

A couple of days ago Tetsu informed me that he'd broken my iron.  Now that you mention it...  Last weekend while I was napping on the sofa, I do remember a crash on the stairway and a swear word or two.  It seems that Tetsu was planning to iron his shirt and because the upstairs was so cold, he tried to carry his shirt, his suit, the ironing board and the iron down the stairs so that he could iron in warmth.  The result was a dropped iron that bounced down the stairs and separated into three pieces.

Off I went yesterday to buy a new iron.  Wow!  Lots of irons, lots of different sizes and shapes and heating elements and colors and prices.

I went for middle range price (still a hefty purchase) and blue (I liked the purple too but it was $30 more).

I chose Teflon over the many other options... I don't know why...  Some were supposed to slide better over different fabrics but since I only slide my iron over patchwork pieces I guess I don't need anything fancier...)

I definitely wanted a cordless iron because that's what I've used for years.  I especially appreciate that I can carry the iron to a completely other room to iron that backing seam that I've got laid out on the floor...  I know cordless irons aren't supposed to get that hot, but I've never noticed that.

And I chose the orange peel shape.  Because it is a pretty shape?  Because it makes for an interesting picture on my blog?  (I'm so honest.)  Because I want to be able to iron backwards and forwards?  I'm not sure what the benefit of this shape is...  There were other strange shapes too... arrow shaped ones...electric pronged shaped ones...  The orange peel shape was very eye-pleasing... but how often am I going to admire the bottom of my iron?

I suppose I could also use my new iron for marking arcs on a future quilting project...

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