Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

I've just spent an hour chatting with Leiya about where life leads us and how we know which way to turn.  A good way to start the New Year.

"Behold, I will do something new"
Isaiah 43:19

This Bible verse was brush painted by my pastor for yesterday's New Year's Day service.  A new day, a new year to start things... to remember that God is with us showing us the way.

Oh dear...  Here I am mixing beliefs.  Well, think of this as a custom rather than a belief.  This was in Tetsu's mother's apartment entryway.  Her one acknowledgement of the holidays.  (It is too much bother to try to follow the customs at her age.)  She probably had one of the care workers who comes, buy this at the supermarket...  A cardboard and plastic New Year decoration that is trying to look like a gold tray with pounded rice balls on top.  The plastic "mochi balls" actually have pounded rice slabs hidden away inside for convenient eating.  Isn't that tied crane pretty on there?  (The crane symbolizes long life.)  I don't know what the other symbolism is but many people will have these decorations with an orange stuck on top adorning their doorways or even the bumpers of their cars.

Are you getting tired of seeing Obaachan?  She's getting tired of posing for pictures with me.

"Come on, Obaachan!  Show us a peace sign pose for the camera."

"Leave me alone!!  I can't believe you can be so silly."

I think we cheered her up on New Year's Day.

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