Saturday, January 19, 2013

Patchwork lessons

Yesterday, my friends Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san came for their patchwork lesson.  They  have big ideas and lots of dreams about making things but not that much time.  We've been working on a Bible Sampler for months now and they are finally getting to the lattice stage.  (But Mrs. Nakazawa is making TWO Bible Samplers so it is taking longer than she expected...)  Yesterday, both ladies spent the time sewing borders and lattice for their Bible quilts. 

But Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san are also the friends who bought the sewing machines last year.  I am horrified that neither friend seems to have used their sewing machines enough to remember how to wind the bobbins or thread the machines!!!  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?   This means that both ladies are content to bring their machines to my house once a month and use the machines here (under my instruction) and then they take their machines home and never open them up again.  And it also means that they don't get their homework done.  It means, THEY LIKE SEWING AT MY HOUSE BUT NOT IN THEIR OWN HOMES!!!

Now those machines were very expensive and it was under my recommendation that my friends bought them.  They both seemed to want to make so many quilts but all the hand piecing was such slow going.  And both were so gung-ho about owning their own sewing machine!  But look!  They actually don't use their sewing machines very much.  If they're only going to sew at my house then they could have used my two cheapy, old machines...  Sigh.

That is not to say that things are not getting done.  Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san are making the same Loves Me quilt and they both finished the chain stitch embroidery in the border.  Aren't these flimsies pretty?!  Mrs. Nakazawa made the black one... Rumi-san made the brown one.

Well, I guess my friends did do all the free hand applique on their sewing machines so they are making some progress...The next step is going to be sandwiching the quilts but I suggested that my friends work a bit more on their Bible quilts this month...  That's the trouble with doing two or three things at the same time... None of the projects get completed!

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