Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random things

Ramblings today.

I'm at the binding stage of the Fiery Starr quilt...  So close to finishing...


Y-kun came to English last week... with both arms in casts!  During the winter vacation he was playing with his dog and fell into a ditch in front of his house.  He is as cheerful and hyper as always though, casts don't seem to slow him down much.  He had bags of vegetables hanging off his arms and was running from his grandmother's car.  He didn't want me to photograph him though.  Embarrassed?  And he found it difficult to do hold a pencil so though the other boys cried "unfair" I let Y-kun dictate answers to me in his workbook.  Anyway, Y-kun seems fine despite his injuries but you might want to pray for his Grandmother... She really didn't need to have a temporarily disabled grandchild on her hands amongst other things.


And with lack of any other handwork to do I decided to sew up a Pine Burr block from one of Yoko Saito's books.  No real purpose in mind for this...  I just wanted something to hand sew.  This is actually quite a dilly so I may stop here and just have an orphan block.  Or this may be my 'fall back' pattern and I'll work on another block or two whenever my hands are free.  Don't expect much more.


Umm..  Another kimono picture?  Sunday afternoon another neighbor girl came over to show me her Coming of Age kimono.

Quite a difference from yesterday's young lady isn't she?  I've known S-chan since she was a baby and she has always been an independent type of girl.  You can see that not all Japanese young women are the quiet, innocent stereotype.  (S-chan was the neighbor that had considered adopting Mi.  She's a real animal lover.) S-chan isn't a blog visitor but I think I'll refrain from enlarging on my opinion of her make-up. Maybe she has a head start in the theater world?

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