Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snail Therapy

I don't have much interest in beauty and skin care products, nor make-up nor hair care goods.  I rarely spend time nor money trying to beautify myself.

Every few weeks Tetsu has to stay overnight at the convalescent home and I have the night alone with the cats and Choco.  I watch TV.  I do patchwork.  I spend extra time on the computer. And this last time I tried a facial mask someone had given me.  I don't have the courage to put one of these on when Tetsu is around...

Facial masks seem to be very popular in Japan.  Actually last summer, Leiya requested some masks from Japan to give to her friends and I was surprised to find a whole array of "flavors".  Let's see.  There was strawberry and milk and orange and pearl and honey and marine and herb and bee sting and snake venom.  Snake venom?!  And they are all pretty cheap too!  Maybe a dollar or so a pack.  I must have bought 20 for Leiya to give to her friends... 

MY friend had given me a pack labeled Snail Therapy.  Is this what I think it is?  Yep...  Made of snail extract...  Well, maybe a small amount.  I hope a very small amount.

Not being very good at this I opened and applied the pack and then sat around the house for 20 minutes scaring the cats. 

"This is kind of boring.  Maybe I'll eat some ice cream."

I had forgotten that wearing a pack, my mouth only opens a crack. 

"Well, I'll eat my ice cream daintily."

Nibble, nibble. 

"Oops, did I just take a lick of Snail Therapy mask?  YUCK!  I've just eaten snail extract!!!"

But thinking a bit about it... which could be worse...  having snail extract on the tip of my tongue or all over my face?  I decided it is about one and the same.

Snail Therapy didn't make me sick...  But it didn't make me beautiful either...

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