Friday, January 25, 2013

Trip Around the World flimsy

I had a free Thursday yesterday and went up to the sewing room to see what Works In Progress I had. 

Ah...  A stack of leader/ender blocks.  What was I doing with those?  And over here?  Wow!  A Scrappy Trip Around the World top! 

I vaguely remembered that I'd been working on a donation quilt for the Ronald McDonald House before I got started on my niece's quilt.  It's been at least 6 months since I worked on this.  I didn't remember what other fabrics I had planned to use or how big I was trying to make this but I was pretty sure the two blocks and the top were supposed to go together.  (I'm really going to have to start a Works In Progress notebook or something.)

I spent the morning sewing the leader/ender blocks into long strips and then went ahead and put a narrow border as a dividing line.  By afternoon I'd made a flimsy!  Well!  That was easy!

I don't have any idea when I'll get around to basting this or how I'll quilt this.  Probably an over all machine quilt design which isn't my forte.  I'd better not let this spend too much time on my shelves or I'll forget what I was doing all over again!

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