Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter decoration

I haven't been paying much attention the the photography website I visit that gives out weekend homework.  I'll never get better at photography if I don't take up their challenges!

This weekend's assignment was to take a picture showing contrast.  Hmm... now as a quilter I should know about contrast but what was that again?  Something about light and dark images.

On Thursday Mrs. Furui gave me a pretty winter decoration she had made out of paper.  Regular old light-weight colored paper!  Mrs. Furui will do things like this.  She sees something that strikes her, be it a patchwork  bag or a quilting motif or a knitting pattern... or in this case a paper ornament, and she'll sketch it on scratch paper.  Mrs. Furui does not carry a camera around with her like I do.  She is one of the purists who doesn't even own a cellphone so no camera there either.  Just sketches on the backs of receipts from her wallet or a paper bag...  Anyway....

Mrs. Furui found the pretty paper ornament and spent some minutes sketching it and then went home and played around with colored paper for awhile, cutting here.. bending there.  It is not origami.  As she tells it, the decoration is a simple piece made of 8 sections that are glued together and then hung.  The color on one side and the white on the other make the intricate design.

So this is my attempt at the photography contrast assignment.  I photographed it hanging in the window late at night so that the outdoors scenery wouldn't get in the picture (a quilt reflection did.)

Camera: Olympus E-PL2
Exposure: 0.04s (1/25)
Aperture: f/1.7
Focal Length: 20 mm
ISO Speed: 1600
Exposure Program: Creative Program (dramatic)

Mrs. Furui had made quite a few of these decorations for her own home and to give to her friends and family.  This is another reason her quilts take quite awhile to get finished.  I don't mind if she doesn't mind!

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