Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ants anyone?

Not a very exciting weekend.  Tetsu declared yesterday a "cleaning day".  (It must be bad when your husband wants to spend the day cleaning.)  We had plans to go somewhere in the evening but we were both so worn out we decided to skip it!

But today my floors are washed and waxed, furniture polished, the guestroom (Takumi's former bedroom) looks good thanks to Tetsu and everything smells fresh and clean.

We did take a break from cleaning yesterday to go out for lunch and as we were leaving the parking lot I noticed an odd sign over a nearby Chinese food chain restaurant (that's not where we ate lunch though).  The restaurant is called Bamiyan...  It is fairly cheap and pretty good if not all that authentic.  But the sign?  What is an ANT Bamiyan?  Ant?  As in little picnic invader?

BUT... on the other side of the restaurant entrance was the answer to the mystery.  If you look at it at THIS side it says... "WORLD FAMOUS CHI-NESE RESTAUR". 

The Japanese don't give much thought to where words or phrases begin and leave off.  It's true that in the Japanese written language words can be cut and hyphenated (no hyphens though) anywhere...  But it does make for an odd advertisement in English.

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