Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cold and snow and wind

A quiet Thursday for me.  It has been cold around here, and windy.  But we didn't get as much snow as we expected to get.  Still it is hard to be motivated to take Choco out for a walk in the afternoons.  I think Choco thinks it is too cold too!

Yesterday morning at the crosswalk while waiting for the children to come from the nearby residential area, I enjoyed the misty scenery.

I also helped the sweet shop owners get their cat down from a tree.  It had made an escape the day before and got itself up a tall tree overhanging the road... The dumb cat couldn't get back down so it spent a cold night there howling for help. The sweet shop owner's son had to climb the tree while I directed traffic... just in case the son or the cat fell into the street during the rescue.

After a day in the next city, I did take Choco for a late afternoon walk and found the factory that is next to us had lost its fence in the wind.  I have never liked this garishly blue corrugated metal fence that they put up when the neighborhood began to complain about unsightly factory debris.  Every so often it looses a slat or two but this is the first time a whole corner has blown off!  They'll probably repair it with more blue corrugated metal.  Sigh...

Heading home Choco and I crunched our way through refrozen snow.  Another icy night in store for us!

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