Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting better

I am perking around again.  I guess I have a regular working day today but Thursdays are pretty light anyways.

Tetsu is a real angel whenever I'm sick (whereas I am a bit of a grump when HE is sick.)  He brings me convenience store yogurts and juices and soft breads.  He carries blankets and pillows from here to there depending on whether I want to stay in a warm room or be in a quiet room.

BUT Tetsu has opinions about my personal health care which he doesn't consider very comprehensive.  He says I don't get enough liquids.  I don't sleep straight.  I don't heat my body in the bath.  These three points are VERY important for good health... according to Tetsu.

Well...  Coffee is my drink of choice but even I know that too much coffee isn't great for you so I'll have only a cup or two a day...  I can't get enthusiastic about water or tea though I've been making an effort to consume more green tea.  (Hey, an American website recommended it highly and if nothing else, I have access to green tea.)

I don't sleep straight because recently I'm either hot or cold so I'm sticking out of the covers or burrowing under the pillow etc.  A continuous yoga work-out in my sleep...

And I don't heat up in the bathtub because.... I'm American!  Tetsu and all Japanese feel that the bathtub is a place to heat the body nightly before crawling into bed.  It is not so much a place to get clean as to soak and expand the blood vessels and warm the blood and get the heart pumping.  According to Tetsu I should spend AT LEAST 30 minutes soaking every night and when I have a chance to sit with my feet in hot water.  A lot of rigamarole to me.  I prefer my quick morning shower... which Tetsu claims is one of the culprits to my "poor" health.

Ah, come on!  I walk the dog morning and afternoon.  I strive for 10000 steps daily on my pedometer.  I go to the pool twice a week and swim laps, I try to eat less meat (this is a new habit for me... I've been afraid to announce it for fear I'll back slide.)  I think I'm in the moderately healthy range.

I could make comments about Tetsu's non-health regime.  He loves fried foods and seconds and thirds and an extra bowl of instant noodles on top of whatever else we're eating.  He loves sweets and takes medicine for all the middle-age ailments that are catching up with him.

But when Tetsu is berating me for not taking care of myself I'm usually already sick and can't defend myself and I know behind the scolding is a lot of love. 

Maybe I'll get on HIS case now that I'm feeling better.

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