Thursday, February 07, 2013


We don't hear much from Takumi usually but we finally did get an e-mail from him that included a picture of him holding a diploma.

Takumi has lived in California now for... 9 years?  Wow!  Already that long!  I see him once a year in the summer when I visit my mother but I think he has only been back to Japan once in that time.  He must feel that he fits pretty well into American society.

(Picture of Takumi when he was in high school.)

After the tiring (on my part) teenage years, Takumi settled down to American education in a community college.  He spent the first year polishing up his English skills.  As he became bolder he transferred to another community college and then another trying to finish up his general education requirements and get the REAL American experience.  (He spent a year living in Hollywood and he lived in someone's living room for awhile...)  Finally he transferred to Cal State University Long Beach as a Mathematics major and he happily and diligently pursued his studies and worked as a waiter.

And then about two years ago Takumi approached us with the plan to go on to graduate school.  He thought we might be getting a bit tired of supporting him (um... true) but he felt he needed his Masters if I wanted to stay in the States and get a job.

Wow!!  Takumi wants to continue studying?  Is this the same teenager whom I feared wouldn't get his high school diploma?  By all means!  Do what you can with student loans and go for it!!

(As a motorcycle rider in Takumi's late teen years.)

So Takumi has studied (and Tetsu has asked me periodically when he might be finishing) and finally this week we got a picture of smiling Takumi holding his diploma.  My son has graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Science.  (A great big grin on my face right now!)

Well, I can't brag and boast to Takumi's old Jr. high and high school teachers and friends who probably didn't think he'd go very far but I can brag on my blog... so I am.

Takumi, we think you are GREAT!!!!

Now... he is looking for a job.....

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