Friday, February 22, 2013

Up on the design wall

Hmmm.  Tetsu has the day off today.  He's headed for the onsen by himself later this afternoon.  So, what is he doing with his free time?  Cleaning my sewing room from top to bottom.  He's been upstairs now for nearly an hour and after refusing my offer to help, he is throwing things out the window, vacuuming and moving furniture.  (The stuff being thrown out the window I see are cat blankets.  I just watched two plummet past the dining room window where I'm sitting.)

I'm sure the sewing room/cat room needs a thorough cleaning.  I had planned to do it after Toi and Patora were moved back outside to the cat house at the end of March.  The cat fur from two cats, the lint from all the fabric that gets pulled out and stuffed back into drawers, the dust and mold from the condensation on the windows...  I think I would have preferred to declutter and purge my mess by myself but Tetsu has beaten me to the job.  He is mumbling about the room being a fire hazard...  I guess I'll just be appreciative of his willingness to clean.  Hopefully he won't throw away too many important-to-a-quilter items.  (I just rescued a sorry looking stencil brush that I use for applying glue to applique pieces.  I'll have to check the wastebasket before trash day.)

Up on my wall BEFORE Tetsu started cleaning are two more of the Pine Burr blocks that I've been working on while being housebound.  These are getting addicting.  Unfortunately they don't really use up very much fabric.

I wonder if there will really be a Before/After difference in the sewing room/cat room.  If so I'll take a picture once Tetsu goes to his onsen.  If not I guess I'll just enjoy the freshness and start more lint accumulation.

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