Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bloom Where You're Planted

Yesterday I put together a mini-quilt as an example for my two patchwork friends who are coming on Friday.

Both ladies are making Love Me, Love Me Not quilts and they have their quilts at flimsy stage and are ready to start machine quilting.  They both have a Bible quilt that they want to hand quilt so by default the Love Me Quilts will be done on the machine.  And these are the two ladies who bought their sewing machines last summer and specifically ordered a free-motion quilting foot.  So you can see that they are williing.

But neither lady has done machine quilting and so I fixed up a small sandwich with the same Love Me, Love Me Not motif.  I figure they can get their practicing on the little one first and it won't matter if they mess up and maybe they can gain some confidence.

For my own example I really quilted this densely though I don't expect them to.  I tried Pebbles (a first for me) and also following the pattern in the border.  The words I printed out and then traced backwards onto fusible paper and then transferred and fused to black fabric.

Well, off to do my blooming today!

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