Thursday, March 07, 2013

Knitting class II?

My Tuesday ladies came for English...Knitting...  Last week we had all worn our neckwarmers and had decided for our next project to decipher English crochet abbreviations.  (Some blog friends asked for the neckwarmer instructions.  I got the link from Ravelry which is a free knitting website.  Here is the link ...You may have to become a member of Ravelry.  I'm not sure.)


My two students brought left-over yarn (and I have a stash myself) and the three of us figured out how to make Granny Squares using English instructions.  Then I assigned homework. 

"Please make THREE Granny Squares this week.  If we each make three squares every week, we will EACH have enough squares to make a cowl/scarf by next winter."

Well, Granny Squares are sort of fun and use up left-over yarn and don't take a lot of thinking.  I made 14 squares and felt pretty proud of myself.  Tuesday came along and my students brought their three Granny Squares.  Three?  Mrs. Ochiai made 10!  Good for her!  And Mrs. Ide?  She made 72!!!  SEVENTY-TWO!!!  Mrs. Ide sure outdid herself!

What a fun assortment of Granny Squares!  We each chose 25 and had enough left over to nearly make a fourth scarf if we feel inclined.  (Extra blocks in my possession now...)

This week we are sewing Granny Squares together in a long loop.  Next week's step?  I have yet to read the instructions.

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