Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday's Cakewalk blocks

I had a fun, chatty day with my patchwork friends yesterday. 

A blog friend Liz, had sent us a couple spring McKenna kits and so a couple of us were trying to figure out how to use them.  We feel very successful with the McKenna Christmas kits and I jumped at the offer of the flower kits.  With the pattern we can actually make the same quilt using our own fabrics (as long as we trace the pattern onto fusible paper an extra time) and the McKenna kits are so generous with their fabrics, it looks like we can make a whole other quilt with very little stash additions.  Two of us spent an hour tracing the McKenna kit pattern onto the paper that Liz even sent to us.  I will report on this new project as we go along...  (Unfortunately my friends and I can't find another get together day to work on this so we will be working separately and compare results.)  I am aching to get started on another McKenna quilt so I'll have a go at it today.  (Didn't I have other Works-in-Progress lined up?  If so the chemicals in my brain have erased all other thoughts but starting a new quilt!)

Of course the main reason we were together at all was to make some decisions about the Cakewalk blocks for this year's kindergarten raffle.  A few of us cut the blocks to a standard size and in another room a few of us put the blocks down in a colorful layout.  What a pretty assortment of fabrics!  These are buttonhole appliqued (except for the pieced centers) and the next step is to make a border using the same pattern.  We didn't find time to sew these blocks together (too much chatting) and we have stacked them in hopes that next month we can sew the center and the border together at the same time.

Thanks to Liz, I am now going upstairs to work on another McKenna quilt!  Bye!

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