Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cell phone annoyances

This weekend I lost my cell phone.  (But I found it again so all is well.)

I used my cell phone on Friday when I texted my friend to ask for some computer help.  She was busy however and texted back that she'd let me know when she was available.  I did the rest of my errands that day and hurried home before it started to rain.

As I walked in the door my friend texted me again saying she could help me now.  But I needed to take Choco for a walk before the rain so Choco and I hurried out.  At the edge of the forest, my neighbor was out with HER dog and Choco and that dog are arch enemies.  Choco and I made a U-turn and headed through the forest and past the rice fields.  By that time it had started to rain so we made a potty run and came back home.  I called my friend on the house phone and spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out my computer problems.

Saturday, Tetsu and I went out together but I realized during the day that I'd left my cell-phone at home.  Oh well... don't get separated from Tetsu giving him reason to get annoyed at me for forgetting my cell phone AGAIN!  It started to rain heavily Saturday afternoon so we just did some quick shopping.

Sunday was a stormy thunder and lighting day with rain slapping at the windows and soaking the towel I'd left "drying" under the covered veranda.  I never once thought about my cell phone.

Monday morning Tetsu had the day off and suggested we go out for lunch after I finished teaching at the pre-school.

"Call me when you're finished and we'll meet somewhere."

Call me...  call me...  that reminds me.  Where is my cell phone?  No cell phone.

Tetsu and I searched the house with him calling me periodically as we listened for a ring.  No ring.  No vibrating noise.  No nothing.

"For heaven's sake, Tanya.  When did you last use it?"


"Where were you?  What were you wearing?  What did you do that day?  This is serious!  If you don't find that cell phone I'll have to call the company and cancel it.  There's no telling what might happen if it falls into the wrong hands.  I don't know why you can't learn to put it in the same place every night...."  blah, blah, blah.

"Okay, okay... Anyway, I have to go to the pre-school.  Are we still going out to lunch?"

"How can we go out for lunch!  You need to find that cell phone first!"

Grumble, grumble, grumble.  I forgot things I wanted to use at the pre-school because of our spat.

So maybe I DIDN'T have my cell phone when I got home Friday.  Maybe I'd lost it during my errands.  I went to the pool (and did my half hour of swimming) I went to the grocery store and at each place asked if anyone had turned in a cell phone.

Five hours later when I pulled into the driveway.

"Oh gosh...  Tetsu is still home..."

And CLEANING!  Sofa cushions, carpets, the dog cage, it was all outside and Tetsu was upstairs busily cleaning my sewing room.  I didn't even want to start another argument with him about how I'd never be able to find my cell phone in all the clutter...

I took Choco for a walk muttering all the way.

"On Friday we went for a walk.  And met the other dog.  And went along the forest by the rice fields...  Let's go that way."

And what do you know!  There lay my cell phone by the edge of the rice field!  It must have fallen out of my pocket on our hurried walk.

"Oh no...  And it rained all weekend.  Heavily!  Now I've probably got a dead cell-phone!"

But I flipped open the cover and the screen shined brightly up at me.  I think it was happy to be found again!

I went back home and informed Tetsu that I'd FOUND my cell phone.  He sighed and started taking the cushions and carpets and dog cage back into the house.

"Try texting me and see if it really works."

"I sent my first text from my three-day missing cell phone.

"Thank you for cleaning the house."

Well, I got the brunt of Tetsu's annoyance but the house is clean!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you found your cell phone and its amazing that it is still working. Praise the Lord. I don't think me losing my cell phone will get get my hubby to clean the house though ..... lol...he will be so happy to go buy a new one for me as he loves buying new gadgets.


Deborah said...

Can't believe the phone still worked after being rained on. Our daughter dropped her phone in the snow and got it out right away and dried it off but it was done for!

Cassandra said...

Awwwwwwwwww. I'm glad you were able to find your phone!

Julie Fukuda said...

Gee, my keitai battery would never last that long ... rain or shine. Boy was that a stroke of luck!

Sybil said...

That is one tough phone. Glad you found it.

maddyrose said...

So, you got house cleaning service by loosing your phone? LOL!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lol that's an amazing story! Talk about a win win situation.. Found phone and it's still working and a clean house!