Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday with cats

It is Wednesday and that means I have to be out of the house in 20 minutes...

How about more cat pictures that I didn't get included in the "Cat Helpers" post?

Here is Mi on Tetsu's lap.  Mi is just cute.  She doesn't need to be doing anything.  (So Tetsu takes a lot of pictures of Mi.)

I've been letting Velvet sit outside on warm days.  He is connected to a leash so he can't go far but until he gets tangled in the lawn chair legs he is enjoying spring weather.  Velvet is so skinny and getting white and I want to make his old age as pleasant as possible.  He gets more treats and more extras than the other cats.  ("UNFAIR!" they cry.)

And here are Patora and Toi in the cat house.  They spy Velvet on the other side of their screen and are wondering why they aren't allowed in the yard too.

"But you've got the nice outdoor sunlight!"


KQ Sue said...

Such sweet innocent faces. <3 But we know how some fur babies hide their true personality. Chrissy is being very "needy" today, we left her alone this past weekend. So she is wanting treats and make-up treats. Nothing like guilting the human, for treats!

judyjj said...

Love these photos!