Sunday, May 26, 2013

Computer wonders

Yesterday Tetsu and I attended Takumi's graduation.

"What?  I'm getting confused.  I thought he graduated in February...  I thought he lived in California and Tanya lived in Japan."

Correct on both points.  Takumi received his diploma (smiling picture of him here) in February.  He has since found a job and is working in California.  But his graduation ceremony was held yesterday in Long Beach.  And Tetsu and I attended via the Internet!!!!  Such a computer wonder world we live in!

Takumi had sent me a link earlier this week saying he hoped we could find him on the big day.  Yesterday morning (our time 9:00 Saturday morning, Takumi's time 5:00 Friday afternoon) Tetsu and I settled down in front of my computer and tuned in to Cal State Long Beach University's commencement ceremonies.

"I see him!  I see Takumi!"

In the hundreds of kids graduating, on my somewhat blurry computer screen, I spotted my son.

Tetsu and I perched on the edge of the sofa for the next hour listening to speeches (me translating for Tetsu) and then finally watching as the graduate students filed across the ceremony stage when their names were called.

"Is that him back there?"

"No... Maybe that boy?"

But when Takumi got close to the stage Tetsu and I both pointed at the computer screen.


From across over 5000 miles of ocean Tetsu and I watched a smiling Takumi cross the university stage, receive his diploma case (he'd received his diploma before) and shake the college president's hand.

Tetsu TRIED to take a picture of Takumi on the computer... Not very successful I'm afraid.  Consider it pop-art?  It is our proof that both Tetsu and I attended Takumi's graduation ceremony.

What a wonderful world!

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