Monday, May 13, 2013


A couple of weeks ago Tetsu and I were driving down a road when I spotted an older man pulling a luggage caddy.  As we passed him I noticed that he wasn't carrying luggage... he was carrying...

"Was that a cat?"


"Did you see that?  There was a man pulling a cat around on his luggage caddy."

"Naw... I didn't notice anything.  You must be mistaken.  You only see things like that on TV."

This weekend I was driving down the same road and just as I pulled into a bakery to buy some bread I noticed the man and his luggage caddy again.  I screeched to a halt, grabbed my camera and accosted the poor man by the edge of the road.  I have to admit he did seem a bit alarmed when I came barreling at him throwing out questions about his cat.

"You have a cat there!  On your luggage caddy!  Is it an old cat?  A sick cat?  Do you often take your cat for a walk this way?"

When the man realized I wasn't about to bowl him nor his cat over he explained a little about his cat.

This is No~ra-chan.  (Nora means a stray).  She (he) is a fairly youngish cat.  She is not lame nor ill. The cat just likes going for a ride on the caddy.  The man said that if he took No~ra from the caddy she would be off like lightning but as long as she is sitting on the caddy she is frozen like a statue.  She doesn't need to be and isn't tied to the caddy (though she has a leash on that just rests there).  That alarmed me a bit.  I might have scared the poor cat and it could have taken off across the road...  I'll have to remember to be more temperate when I approach cats being pulled on luggage caddies. 

No~ra and her owner allowed me to take pictures.  And afterwards I waved good-bye and went in to buy my bread.

"Did you see that cat out there on the luggage caddy?"

"Oh yes, that man pulls his cat along every day.  I've always been curious but never been brave enough to ask him about it."

Now see there!  You have to be brave and find out about things!  I was very pleased to be able to show Tetsu my pictures of No~ra and assure him that I wasn't imagining things. 


Anonymous said...

: )))

Julie Fukuda said...

I was laughing so hard my husband wondered what was going on and I had to read him your post. Now I've heard it all.

Sandy said...

Wow, he must love that cat! Look at the wonky carpentry that has gone into making the whole seat area comfortable for the cat! Very fun!
Sandy in the UK

Anonymous said...

It looks like the cat also has a dress on. Is that possible?

conny's quilts said...

Great story!

judyjj said...

The next stray cat I adopt will be named No-ra.

Ann said...

It must have been a funny sight! Although that cat isn't lame I would say that she's a little bit lazy! :-)
Anyway ... loved reading your story! I bet you'lle be on the lookout for them each time you pass in the area!
Kind greetings,