Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas party

Christmas party at church was fun. I wrapped up the coasters I had made that morning and that was my gift exchange. I don't know if the person who got them will ever use them or even thinks they were so great but I am glad I got them done.

Kaoru-san gave me the cutest little mobile yesterday and I've hung it from the dining room light though maybe the cats are going to find it and play with it there. I can't get a good picture of it because of all the stuff on the walls but you get an idea. I think Kaoru-san said that she sent the same thing to Leiya.

Went to the Yano-san's Obaachan's wake last night with Tetsu. As wakes go it was quite nice though I don't like all the chanting and gonging done by the buddhist priest. (It's not my funeral so I guess they can do what they want...) Obaachan was 87 so except for Kyoko-san not too many people were sad.

Today I've got to get the Christmas decoration preparation done for the 4:00 class. That may be a disaster since they can't even cut on lines (At third grade!). Little felt hearts are the plan for today with them sewing beads for decorations. This may be a woeful blog tomorrow!

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