Saturday, December 02, 2006

Missing pin cushions

No pictures today. I muddled around in the evening not inspired to work on the Autumn Blossom quilt, not willing to go upstairs to the cold (and messy) sewing room. I only had about an hour anyway (it was after 8:00) so.... I pulled out the knitting needles and started a muffler! I don't know if I plan well or not. I have the materials at my fingertips but after all my contemplation about goals I hadn't really planned to do the scarf. I was just something to keep my hands busy for an hour. Now I have to finish it.

My cats (who know which one) are giving me a headache that could be dangerous. I wake up in the mornings and either find that my pin cushion is not where I'd put it the night before (usually next to my chair) or there is a pin cushion (the chair one or the one from the sewing room) which is lying in the middle of some room. Some cat has been using it as a toy! That is annoying in itself, but I suspect that I'm missing some pins and needles too. I'm almost positive that I'd had a threaded needle in it the night before but there isn't one there now... I may have to figure out a way to tack these things down...

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