Thursday, December 14, 2006


Yeah, I made some time for myself today so I really need to put it to good use. One thing is to put a couple pictures on the blog. One of Patora trying to look Christmasy. Another of the muffler maybe made for Takumi (I found the darning needle in the bottom of the yarn basket). Another picture of a "muffler" I made from scraps of batik material. I had bought a very nice Japanese version for Bessie and though I debated about whether I could make it from memory I decided that Bessie would want Japanese fabric anyway (of which I have none) and so bought it for her. Then I proceeded to measure and cut and made my own version. I had put batting in which makes it stiffer than the original. I'll try again and maybe make it a bit narrower too. I love the batik prints though. OK. Off to do something constructive!

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