Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 finished quilts

I seem to have got things backwards but I decided I needed to see how much I got done last year (quiltingwise).

I finished the year with the five name quilts I made, one for Takumi and Leiya and one for each of the Dennis kids. That was a fun project and I may do another word quilt in 2007.

I joined the Prayers and Squares group in September, I think, and I made four quilts all using the Round the World pattern.

It wasn't my quilt but I helped quite alot on the kindergarten bazaar quilt so I'll take the liberty of posting that as one of my finished goals.

I'm not sure when I finished it but after four years of looking at it I finally finished the Hawaiian Quilt!

Sometime in June I finished a machine pieced quilt for Marlene. I really loved the hand quilting I did on it.

There were two baby quilts I made but I can't find the picture of one of them.

I guess I also got a Celtic quilt completed though it has been hanging around in the cupboard for a couple of years.

I did a mini-replica of the bazaar quilt from last year and that has been a wall hanging that gets a lot of comments.

At the first of the year I machine quilted a Block of the Month quilt from Ulas website and I was happy to have another paper pieced quilt under my belt.

Of course there are a couple of flimsys that are put away for someday quilting and of course blocks that have to be completed not to mention the Autumn Blossom quilt that is being quilted and the Star of David quilt that is upstairs on the sewing table. I'm sure I can think of more things. There were a few knitting projects, a few quick patchwork coaster projects and for awhile last year I was doing Chinese knotting too. Altogether a very good year!

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Tonya R said...

Ooh, love that Hawaiian quilt - very refreshing and bright. I hope that was a fabric you used for the sashing or my my, that was a lot of piecing. Excellent job.