Friday, January 05, 2007

Another prayer quilt

I changed my direction again yesterday and ended up sewing strips for a Prayer quilt. This one may be for Ai-san at church. (She hasn't asked for prayers yet but if she does I need the quilt by Sunday). So I went through my drawers and found pink fabric. Even though I had made a green spare to use in emergencies, that seemed to masculine so I started a pinkish one. I'll try to get that into the flimsy stage today.

Besides that, I did a bit of quilting, oh and I did clean up the sewing room. The quilting will be a long project. I figure I can quilt at least one block a day so with 48 blocks, that is already a month and a half long project. Of course that isn't even counting the extensive feathers in the borders and this is a big quilt so I guess I'll be looking at it until summer. And even that's hopeful thinking. Heaven forbid that I'm quilting it all year! I guess the goal is to be finished by summer. No sense showing pictures for awhile since it looks the same no matter how many blocks I quilt.

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