Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chicken Soup

A lazy Saturday with nothing planned. So what do I do? I start cooking a pot of Judy's chicken soup.
Looks pretty good so far. Didn't have enough carrots so made due with what I had. Also skimped on the cream cheese a bit since I'm not sure how Tetsu's going to react to having cream cheese in his soup. The cream cheese doesn't melt down completely, so he is definitely going to see the cheese chunks in his soup and ask me what they are. I made a double recipe so I sure hope it's good!

Yesterday I went upstairs and sewed! Yeah! I made one word block that says "imaginative". Why? I don't know. I still have this idea that I'm going to copy Tonya's idea and pick out words. This sort of looks like it's evolving into a quilt for Leiya since I try to think up words that suit her. Hmm. I wonder if Takumi is going to feel I'm playing favorites. What do mothers do who have four or five children?!

I talked with Furui-san yesterday and we may go ahead with the Star and Heart quilt that I like which I found on Quilting Bebbs website (January 16). Furui-san is going to try and make some templates for that and we will start with the idea that we'll piece by hand. If there aren't enough people to help us out, we may go for machine piecing so I'll have to figure out how to do that. We're a bit leery about the applique, especially the hearts since I hear hearts are a real bear. Of course we've done applique but the points and inverted points may be a headache to the inexperienced who may want to help. I'll try to see Furui-san next week and get the templates she's making.

And Ochiai-san, I'm happy to report, has finished all the stems on her lily blocks. Way to go! That was sure fast!

Gotta go quilt and sew!

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