Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day with Furui-san

I had a great time yesterday with Furui-san when I went over to pick up some templates she was making for out next bazaar quilt. I had suggested a stars and hearts quilt (found on Anne Bebbington's website Jan. 16) and we talked about other possibilities like the pinwheel quilt etc. We tentatively decided on the star and heart (what is it really called?) but I had found machine piecing instructions on Quilter's Cache so I made that suggestion. Did we really want to make 30 blocks by hand (maybe 4 or 5 of us) and then do all the heart applique and then do an applique border too? OR... We could make bigger blocks by machine and only have to make 20 or 24 and devote any more time to the applique.

Let's try a block. Ok.
Get out your stash of fabric (Furui-san has more fabric than even I do!) Get out the roller cutter, the mat, the pencils, the sewing machine the scissors. I cut and she sewed (it's her machine). And "voila!" in a short amount of time we had a block and I had cut out enough background fabric for the rest of the quilt! Ok. This is the way to go. Sooo... We'll cut dark fabric from our stash this week and on Feb. 1st when the others come, we will have a conveyer belt system with someone sewing, someone marking, someone ironing, someone cutting (not in that order). I also explained the way Bonnie can make use of the triangles that we cut off (which I learned when making the Autumn Blossom quilt, she calls it her Pineapple Blossom quilt) and that was a great incentive to do this machine-wise. Also explained the leader-ender system of Bonnie's and Furui-san was thrilled with the result of the major block being made plus lots of leader-enders plus lots of triangle blocks. I saved all the garbage from my cuttings and brought them home. What a pack rat!

I stayed much longer than I had expected but we got a sewing day in that we hadn't really planned. Boy! Do I love patchwork!

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