Saturday, January 27, 2007

Falling behind

Tetsu and I had a nice breakfast at Denny's this morning. We do that every couple of weeks or so and we get a lot of talking done that we couldn't do with the TV going . (Not to say that we couldn't turn off the TV but we don't). Told Tetsu about MacDonalds yesterday and he just shook his head at the crazy foreign wife he has.

Got one more word done on the word quilt. I wonder how many I'm going to do? I still have fabric... I guess until I'm tired of it. Well, Leiya is viewing this blog so I suppose it will be no secret. Any suggestions Leiya? Do you want me to add the word "stubborn". (That's your word for yourself. Not mine! You are always sweet and loving!)

No quilting done yesterday. I'm falling behind~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


anne bebbington said...

Hi Tanya - thanks for your kind comments on my blog - as for the hearts and stars quilt - the block without the hearts in the middle is a basic star block available in the public domain and easy enough to figure out without any instruction - I love applique so just decided to add the hearts to each block because I liked the idea. Then the applique around the border was done because I just didn't want a plain border. I understand it is good practice to ask permission to use someone elses idea/pattern but in my opinion imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if you want to make a similar quilt go right ahead I don't mind at all - I only make quilts for pleasure and don't sell patterns or designs, therefore I don't have any objections to you making a similar quilt, other people who make a profit from their stitching may feel otherwise or if you were to use someone elses original idea and pass it off as your own, but you have already given me credit in your blog as the designer so to speak - so go ahead and make something similar, good luck with it - I'd love to see a picture once you've finished it :o)

Leiya said...

れいやだよ★ミ 日本語だけどOK?? タニヤさんの実験、おもしろ~い!! 度胸あるねぇって言うのか、よくわかんないけど、50歳になってもすごいことしてるなって思ったぁぁ!! 何つーかさ、タニヤさんって、レイヤのお母さんでしょ、でも、たまにこの人は本当に変わった人だなって思うときがあるよ!! 誰かさんの一日を良い日にするためにマックを買ってあげたって事でしょ??? 変なの~けど、面白いわ♪♪ 中学生のやりそうなことだなぁ~!! れいやも日本にいた時(中学)は三個のマックバーガーを一つ50円くらいだったから、十円を20個くらいだして買ってみたり、ドライブするーを歩いてOrderしてみたりと、ちょっと意味不明なことを友達としたことはあるけど、両方ともただただ、ポイント無しにやった事だったからなぁ~。。。タニヤさんはすごいや♪見知らぬ人をHappyにさせちゃうって考えが!!あっ!!でも、レイヤも一回『スマイルください』ってやったァァ!!!覚えてる??あの、注文するところに『スマイル- 0円』って書いてあって、お姉さんトコに行って『スマイル一つお願いします』とか言ってさぁ。。。一応、スマイルもらったけど♪♪やっぱなんとなくタニヤさんとレイヤは似てるねぇ★★
けど、その、実験はエクセレントだわぁぁノ 読みながら笑っちゃってたぁノノ