Thursday, January 11, 2007


I did absolutely nothing in the handwork department yesterday. I hurried off to the kindergarten to teach and took Cleo and Patora (meowing the whole way) with me and dropped them off at the vet for their yearly vaccinations. Picked them up a little before noon and was told that Patora is overweight. Probably Cleo too but Patora weighs one kilo more than Cleo. What to do? She doesn't really move much and rarely climbs up on anything preferring to sleep on the futon all day and everyday. I don't ever recall seeing her run. Obviously she isn't getting exercise but how do you give a cat exercise? She doesn't really play and chase things and she isn't going to go for a walk. The only solution is diet. Ok. I feed all cats twice a day, they don't get endless amounts of food, but though the other cats will leave a little when they are full, Patora just eats until it is gone and then eats anything left over from the other cats. I will try to put away all bowls as soon as a cat is finished eating so that Patora can't get at it.

Once back in Nikko sent money to Takumi and Leiya and then taught English until 8:00. Cooked dinner and finally sat down to 15 minutes of quilting just so I can say I did something creative. I'm off now to quilt two blocks since I didn't meet my norm yesterday.

Hi Takumi! Welcome to my blog!

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Holly said...

I have a cat like your Patora. Aussie eats his food as fast as he can so he can get to the other two cat's food. He's on an amount restriction and I have to put all the food up/away. It's a bother, isn't it?