Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Goals reached and things to aim for

How did my goals go for January. All in all, pretty well.
  • I finished the feathered star block (actually finished two. Can I claim one as February?)
  • Finished on Prayer and Square quilt
  • Continued working on Autumn Blossom quilt and quilting one block a day
  • Made blocks for the word quilt. I'm not sure my goal was one block a day or a month or a week or what. Anyway I've completed 8.
  • Got a start on the kindergarten bazaar quilt
As for February's goals... They are going to be about the same as January's. That's not too interesting!
  • Make one Prayer and Square flimsy
  • Make one block a week (that's four total) for the word quilt
  • Get the kindergarten bazaar quilt blocks all made (24?)
  • Finish the Autumn Blossom quilt
  • Make another feathered star block when the Autumn Blossom is finished
I'm also going to check out Judy's Hour a Day quilt (I keep checking it out and never do it!)

OK. Take a deep breath and dive into February!

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