Monday, January 22, 2007

Sewing on Sunday

Let's see... Even though yesterday was Sunday, I got a bit of sewing done while Tetsu was sleeping on the sofa. I brought Choco in in in the late afternoon and wouldn't you know, she climbs on the sofa (on Tetsu!) and there they slept! I don't usually let her get up on the sofa but if Tetsu doesn't mind.....

While sewing, major disaster seemed to strike! I broke a machine needle in the machine. (Who knows why). I tried putting a new needle in but the machine locked up again. I jiggled the bobbin holder. The machine is locked. I figured out how to take the foot cover off and look down into the machine workings and saw an awful lot of junk in there so got out the little brush that came with the machine (and which I've never used in the maybe 10 years I've had this machine!). I started brushing and cleaning and look what I came out with! All that from the depths of my trusty sewing machine. It made me feel bad that I haven't taken better care of it. Anyway, I cleaned and prodded and heard something click and when I put the machine back together again, it purred nicely as I sewed. SO.... I think I fixed the sewing machine! I promise to clean it more often!

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening sewing more words, this time with some batik fabric. I think I can make one word out of one fat quarter and maybe two if the words are short.

It is interesting thinking about this word quilt. What words would I use for Leiya. Happy, caring, imaginative, etc. Then my mind tries Japanese words. "ganbariya" "doryokuka" "sunao". But these words don't translate that well into English. I mean, how flattering is it to be called "hardworking", or "stickler" or "obedient". Very BLAH words in English but quite praiseworthy in Japanese. I'll stick with straight English.

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Tonya R said...

Why translate the words? Put them in in Japanese. I think that would be so incredibly cool and it would really add to making this quilt YOU.
Go ahead and transliterate them just as they are, tho I have to say it would be fun to try and do them in Japanese. I have no idea how you'd go about that, but would be fun to try.